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We've collaborated with global companies and startups to empower developers by providing the right tools and documentation to build better software. Here's a few examples.

Case studies


Instructional design and content creation

Creating codelabs for training internal developers

We developed a series of codelabs tailored for the internal developers of a global fashion company. Our collaboration involved defining learning paths, planning the codelabs' structure, creating engaging content, and providing sample code repositories.


Documentation strategy and content creation

From zero to developer docs

We worked closely with Finboot to launch a documentation site for their agnostic blockchain platform, MARCO. This project involved designing a documentation strategy, choosing the tools for the site, writing and editing content, and sharing best practices with the development team to streamline future maintenance of the documentation.

Corunet by SNGULAR

Documentation strategy and migration

Migrating the docs of +45 software products to a Docs As Code solution

We teamed up with Corunet to help a Fortune 500 corporation split a massive documentation site into smaller projects near the source code. To complete this ambitious project, we are sharing documentation templates, assembling a team of technical writers, and setting up a documentation revision process.


Documentation strategy and custom development

Making Scylla docs easier to write, read, and find

Working alongside the product team to modernize their documentation stack. We split their core docs into smaller projects closer to the source code. All of them are versioned, published automatically, and share the same look and feel.

NEM Foundation

Documentation strategy and content creation

Launching a developer portal

Working closely with the engineering team and the community to launch Symbol's documentation portal. We owned the product documentation roadmap and authored resources to onboard developers, including reference documentation, how-to guides, and sample applications.

Working with TechDocs Studio has been a great success. He has collaborated and worked with us getting involved in every aspect of our project, taking initiative and getting great results.


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