Case study - Creating codelabs for training internal developers

We developed a series of codelabs tailored for the internal developers of a global fashion company. Our collaboration involved defining learning paths, planning the codelabs' structure, creating engaging content, and providing sample code repositories.

Instructional design and content creation

The challenge

In 2023, a Fortune 500 company set out to solve a practical problem: their developers needed a better way to understand the company’s tech stack and to get up to speed on projects faster.

We collaborated with them to create a series of codelabs specifically designed for their internal developers. Together, we worked to define learning paths, brainstorm the structure of the codelabs, develop compelling content, and provide sample code repositories.

Laying the foundations

The initiative kicked off by defining what a codelab entails and prototyping the first few. Codelabs are designed as in-depth, step-by-step learning experiences that connect developers with the array of technologies used at the company. They feature practical exercises that encourage independent learning at a comfortable pace. The goal is to foster a deep understanding of practical skills, emphasizing hands-on practice to enhance engagement and retention.

These codelabs are intended to serve as a dynamic learning tool, enabling developers to not only pick up new skills but also to apply these insights directly to their current work. This method underscores the importance of active learning and immediate application, ensuring that the educational journey is fully aligned with the real-world tasks and hurdles faced by developers on a daily basis.

After validating the concept, we defined codelabs that covered the diverse range of applications typically developed at the company, organizing them into structured learning paths. This strategy ensures that every developer, regardless of their project or experience level, has access to a learning resource that meets their specific needs.

Content development

In collaboration with development teams, we created content that closely reflects real-world scenarios, focusing on designing, implementing, and utilizing web services, SPAs, and mobile applications.

We emphasized action-based learning in the codelabs, incorporating step-by-step guides to implement sample applications, exercises, and challenges that encourage immediate application of the concepts.

To further enrich the learning experience, we provided sample code repositories. These serve as practical reference points, enabling developers to explore the content more deeply and use them as reference projects for their own work.

The launch and beyond

The introduction of the codelabs marked a significant step forward in the company's dedication to developer education. The positive feedback from developers, highlighting the practicality of the material, underscores the impact of these resources. The codelabs are now a key component of their developer education, with ongoing updates and additions keeping the content relevant.

As we move forward, the codelabs will continue to evolve, incorporating broader topics and new technologies to keep their developers at the cutting edge of software development.

Tech stack

  • Java
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Android
  • iOS
  • REST
  • GRPC
  • Kubernetes
  • Grafana
  • OpenAPI

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